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Texas Student Television


Texas Student Television (TSTV) is the only completely student-run, FCC-licensed, digitally broadcasting college television station in the country. Here, students at the University of Texas at Austin can learn camerawork, directing, producing, writing, and the inner-workings of the professional media industry. Working with a seasoned broadcast adviser, the student staff makes all decisions about programming, use of equipment, marketing, production projects, and the future of the station. Currently, I hold the position of station manager, which requires me to oversee the production of each of our 17 shows, as well as manage TSTV's 300+ volunteers and paid staff members. Watch TSTV live at or locally in Austin on station 29.1.

The 2020-2021 school year was a particularly difficult for TSTV, as we had to transition all operations online due to covid. Paramountly, figuring out how to execute live productions while volunteers were dispersed throughout the world was a considerable feat. As station manager, I facilitated the implementation of emerging broadcast technologies station-wide to ensure volunteers would be able to create, learn, and grown despite their lack of proximity to one another and our facilities.

While circumstances during my tenure brought many unique challenges station managers of the past have not had to navigate, with the help of my resilient 15-person staff, I was able to accomplished the following:

  • Created a streaming service on TSTV's website

  • Re-aligned the station's broadcast schedule to feature the most recent, relevant content on specific themed days

  • Re-structured TSTV's equipment checkout system

  • Raised 120% of fundraising goal, which allowed for the purchase of new equipment for our master control room

  • Revitalized the web series department 

  • Updated the station handbook for the first time since 2012

  • Started an alumni panel series titled Beyond the Station

  • Created a monthly alumni newsletter -- TSTV's Monthly Call

  • Led a team of producers in winning a CBI (College Broadcasters, Inc.) National Student Production Award for Best Performance News Reporting; Sneak Peek - Kate the Chemist

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